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LAST UPDATE: 26 Oct 09

Animal Chimpanzees Wallpaper & Desktop Backgrounds

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Chimpanzees Wallpapers – 4 found

BABY CHIMPANZEE : Chimpanzees Wallpaper

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baby Chimpanzee

JUST CHILLIN WITH MY BUDS : Chimpanzees Wallpaper

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just chillin with my buds


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hear no evil see no evil and speak no evil

DAILY GROOMING : Chimpanzees Wallpaper

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daily grooming

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Recent Wallpaper

just chillin with my buds

Current News
Scientists Reveal What Chimpanzees Are Actually Saying to Each Other
They mostly talk about fruit, as it turns out

Most endangered chimpanzees have complex evolutionary past, perilous future
( Drexel University ) Complementary analyses of population genetics, geographical distribution and habitat use paint a new picture of the evolutionary past and potentially bleak future of the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti), already the most endangered chimp subspecies. There are unexpectedly two distinct populations of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee which have closer ties ...

Chimps with higher-ranking moms do better in fights
( Duke University ) For chimpanzees, just like humans, teasing, taunting and bullying are familiar parts of playground politics. An analysis of twelve years of observations of playground fights between young chimpanzees in East Africa finds that chimps with higher-ranked moms are more likely to win.

Different Tastes: How Our Human Ancestors' Diets Evolved
Our human ancestors began tasting food differently sometime after the human family tree branched off from the ancestors of chimpanzees, researchers say. By analyzing the genes of Neanderthals and other extinct human ancestors, scientists also found that modern humans may be much better at digesting starch than any other known member of the human family tree. Although modern humans are the world ...

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